Gel Mate is a medical grade silicone gel sheet for scar management.

Gel Mate silicone gel sheeting is self adherent on one side and backed by an anti-microbial (bacteria resistant) cloth that glides under clothing on the other.


  • Medical grade silicone gel sheeting helps to flatten and soften raised scars and may prevent formation of hypertrophic (thickened) or Keloid scars.
  • Silicone gel sheets help improve the color and appearance of new or mature scars.
  • Only silicone gel sheeting applies long-term light pressure on scars, unlike rub-on gels or creams. Silicone gel has also been shown to add a hydrating effect to the scar and surrounding skin that helps in increasing mobility and faster healing.
  • Silicone gel sheeting is reported to reduce the itching and discomfort experienced when scars begin to heal.
  • Individually packaged sheets include a measurement grid on the back to determine the amount of sheeting issued or to document progress as the scar reduces in size.

Sizing Information

Instructions: Gel Mate silicone gel sheet is available in two sizes: 4" x 6". Trim to a size slightly larger than the scar.